Essential School-wide and Center-wide Practices in Literacy


The purpose of this document is to increase Michigan’s capacity to improve children’s literacy by identifying systematic and effective practices that can be implemented at the organizational level in educational and care settings that serve young children. To meet the needs of all young learners, organizational practices must support literacy development in ways that systematically impact learning throughout elementary schools, early childhood learning centers, and other literacy-oriented learning environments and programs.Each of the ten recommended school-level or center-level systems and practices should occur in all Michigan prekindergarten and elementary school learning environments. These essential practices should be viewed, as in practice guides in medicine, as presenting a minimum ‘standard of care’ for Michigan’s children.
This document is intended to be read in concert with Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy, Prekindergarten and Essential Instructional Practices in Literacy, K-3. There is important overlap and continuity in these two documents, and some children will benefit from instructional practices identified in the prekindergarten document beyond the prekindergarten year