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MiRead - Michigan's Early Literacy Portal

  • Easily identify students who may need literacy support

  • Quickly create Individualized Reading Improvement Plans (IRIP)

  • Meet requirements of Michigan’s 3rd grade reading law

  • Provide access to prior IRIPs when students change districts

  • Promote best practices and Literacy Essentials



MiRead will initially focus on supporting school efforts in managing the 3rd grade reading law and IRIP process.  However, MiRead is a long-term project designed as comprehensive literacy portal, that will grow to support students, parents, teachers, coaches, administrators, ISDs, and the entire state with increasingly comprehensive supports, intelligent tools, and leverage the ongoing work of literacy groups around Michigan.


Integration Instructions

The MiRead Configuration Guide can be found here


Voices From The Field

“I really enjoy the menu options and functions of the MiRead system. The teachers have a full plate and the more efficient the MiRead system, the better for teachers and their time.”

Administrator, Johannesburg-Lewiston Schools


“It [creates] a handy, easy to read, professional document  to share with parents.”

Teacher, Colon Community Schools


“This has been easier to use than other IRIP forms we have used in the past.”

Instructional Coach, Vassar Public Schools


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Erin Pell

Project Coordinator