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MI Kids Back on Track (23g) Data Reporting Webinar 
Click this link to access the June 17, 2024 MI Kids Back on Track (23g) Reporting Webinar. Passcode: .=prN15V

Implementing Quality Tutoring Webinar Resources

March 21, 2024

The list below contains links to the webinar video, slides, survey, and other resources referenced in the Implementing Quality Tutoring webinar.   

Webinar Video Link or Link (Passcode: GB^Ji22c) 

Webinar Slides Link

Webinar Survey Link Please complete if you attended the webinar.

NSSA’s (National Student Support Accelerator) Website Link contains several resources mentioned by Kathy Bendheim in the webinar.

NSSA’s Michigan Tutoring Resources Document Link

MAISA’s MI Kids Back on Track Website Link contains a list of vetted high-impact tutoring providers, the webinar video, and additional high-impact tutoring resources.

MAISA’s MiStrategyBank Website Link provides information about the strategy bank, its purpose, and how to access MiStrategyBank. MiStrategyBank users can access a detailed description of each of the vetted high-impact tutoring providers by using the filter feature and searching for “high impact” with no hyphen and no quotation marks.

MDE’s MI Kids Back on Track Website Link contains helpful guidance and FAQ’s regarding 23g plans, budgets, grant requirements, contacting MDE, and scheduling time to meet with MDE for 23g grant support.

MILearner Wallet Website Link contains information about a possible data solution, funded by the 27o grant, for districts implementing tutoring.

Vetted High Impact Tutoring Programs

As part of MI Kids Back on Track, MAISA is vetting high-impact tutoring programs for alignment with the legislative requirements of Section 23g of the 2023-24 School Aid Act.  The following vendor-provided programs have been vetted as meeting the requirements at this time.  


We encourage Michigan school districts to use MiStrategyBank to further review the vetted high-impact tutoring programs.  MiStrategyBank contains a written description of the mode of delivery, grade levels served, content provided, sample implementation guide, training description, and other relevant information for each vetted tutoring program.  


When searching for vetted high-impact tutoring programs in MiStrategyBank, use the drop-down feature in the filter to select strategies curated by MiKidsBackonTrack (MAISA vetted).  This filter will lead directly to the detailed description of each vetted high-impact tutoring provider.  

Click here to find out more about MiStrategyBank.



Vendor Application Process 

For questions regarding this application, contact Rich Marshall, MAISA MiStrategyBank Coordinator, at rmarshall@gomaisa.org.

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Rich Marshall

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