Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP)

The Michigan Integrated Continuous Improvement Process (MICIP) is a pathway for districts to improve student outcomes by assessing whole child needs to develop plans and coordinate funding.

MICIP involves a shift in how we think about improving student outcomes (mindset) to engage in a comprehensive and iterative continuous improvement cycle (process) using a streamlined, integrated, web-based software application (platform).

Mindset is a shift in thinking where continuous improvement is constant with the whole child and systems thinking at the forefront.

Process is the Michigan Continuous Improvement Cycle which is comprehensive and iterative. Needs are assessed by analyzing whole child data. Plans are comprehensive and developed by engaging in root cause analysis to address prioritized needs, identify system supports, and blend or braid funding sources. Implementation occurs with Monitoring to ensure implementation achieves the intended impact and Evaluation to analyze and adjust with continuous improvement in mind.

Platform is a streamlined web-based application allowing districts to engage in continuous improvement with integrated tools and resources.

Benefits of MICIP

  • Continuous improvement is constant and integrated rather than a periodic event
  • Focus is on the whole child where areas that influence academic achievement are targeted
  • Prepopulated data are integrated into the platform to facilitate the needs assessment process
  • Alignment across compliance requirements results in a greater focus on improved student outcomes
  • Input time is reduced with the integration of prepopulated data
  • Guidance is provided around evidence-based practices
  • Reporting is reduced by engaging in multi-year cycles of continuous improvement

Important News

MDE Memorandum, March 5th
Details on testing partners

For more information

visit www.michigan.gov/mde-micip



Dr. Terry Nugent,